Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Extra battery from motorola razr v3

If your cell phone is a Motorola Razr V3 and your battery meter is down to one bar and you need to make a quick call, you can turn the phone off, wait about 30 seconds and then turn the phone back on. This will kick in the reserve battery supply and should give you at least two bars on your battery meter. This is a very limited supply of reserve battery power. Depending on how low your battery actually is, the reserve should last at least 6 - 10 minutes and this is whether you use the phone to make a call or not. Not sure if this works for the Razr v3 phone only or for other Motorola phones. I do know it works for both the black and silver style Razr v3 phones. Also using a Bluetooth headset will drain a completely charged battery in about 3-5 hours. The less talk time with the Bluetooth the longer the battery lasts. There is an extended battery you can purchase for the Razr v3 if you plan on using a Bluetooth headset. I haven't purchased one yet, so I don't actually know if or how much longer the extended battery lasts than the regular battery that comes with the phone.

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