Saturday, April 21, 2007

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2.7 ( Virus Software )


NOD32 is an antivirus package made by the Slovak company Eset. NOD32 is written largely in assembly code, which contributes to its low use of system resources and high scanning speed, meaning that NOD32 can easily process more than 23MB per second while scanning on a modest P4 based PC and on average, with all real-time modules active, uses less than 20MB of memory in total but the physical RAM used by NOD32 is often just a third of that. According to a 2005 Virus Bulletin test, NOD32 performs scans two to five times faster than other antivirus competitors. NOD32 consists of an on-demand scanner and four different real-time monitors. The on-demand scanner (somewhat confusingly referred to as NOD32) can be invoked by the scheduler or by the user. Each real-time monitor covers a different virus entry point:

* AMON (Antivirus Monitor) - scans files as they are accessed by the system, preventing a virus from executing on the system.

* DMON (Document Monitor) - scans Microsoft Office documents and files for macro viruses as they are opened and saved by Office applications.

* IMON (Internet Monitor) - intercepts traffic on common protocols such as POP3 and HTTP to detect and intercept viruses before they are saved to disc.

* EMON (Microsoft Outlook Email Monitor) - scans incoming and outgoing mail.

Install Instructions:

1. Install Nod32 English.

2. If it finally asks you to restart, choose Restart Later.

3. Run the Nod32 fix.

4. Restart.



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