Friday, April 20, 2007

Technorati Favorites Exchange

This Technorati Favorites Exchange is latest experiment going on in the blogosphere to increase traffic and get more exposure to blogs. Dosh Dosh has started this experiment and I thought would also participating in this, so here are some guide lines to participate in this experiment.

How to Participate:

  • Firstly, add this blog to your Technorati Favorites from this link: Add to Technorati Fav or alternatively you can add using the button on the sidebar of this blog.
  • After adding me, leave a comment on this post with your Technorati Fav link, so that I can add you to my Favorites
  • Link to this blog post with your Post on Technorati Favorites and I would add a link to your blog in this post (only if you are interested in link exchange).
Or Click on the Button

Add to Technorati Favorites

After adding it please leave a comment with your blog url i will add yours।

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Rishi said...

Thanks for the link. I've added your blog to my faves. Can you link to me site ?r

Deborah said...

Hi there,

I've fav'd you back, thanks for the add!

I also found you on spicypages just before I received your comment and voted for your blogs, and added you as a friend.

Take care!

Nirmal said...

I have added you to my favs.
Thanks for the add.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi! I am participating in doshdosh' technorati favorites experiment. I just fav'd and linked you. Hope you fave and link me too. I'm at More power to you! Mabuhay!

santa said...

Thanks everybody for making to my response to dosh dosh experiment

Danny Dang said...

Thanks for the add.

I added you to my Technorati Faves. My UserID is ddang:
Click Here and Add me to your Technorati Favorites List

Atul said...

Santa remembered me , we meet in mylot buddy , you have created a nice blog , keep it up , i have added you in technorati favs .

santa said...

thanks atul

Deborah said...

Hey Santa,

I've added a link to your home page from our site at Life in the Fast Lane:

You asked on our blog what my Spicypages username is:
fastfastlane, same as technorati.

Spicypages uses the URL to name the sites, and our blog is on the backend of our website, so it kind of throws people off when they see it, thinking it's about transportation, even tho it's completely unrelated.

The listing for out blog at Spicypages is:

Dawud Miracle said...

I've added you to my faves.

Here's my faves link

Colourful World said...

i'm not sure if i understand your post clearly, please correct me if i'm wrong.

just added your post to my technorati favourite and i'll put my link here.

alt="Add to Technorati Favorites" />

anyway, thanks for the link. =)

santaram said...

hi thanks for ur response and all are added to my technorati favorites

Rajesh Kumar said...

Faved this blog. My blog is

santa said...

Rajesh ur blog is favoured

Alan said...

You have been favorited. :)

Grzegorz said...

hi, i added your blog to my favorite on technorati
username - pasat

santa said...

Hi grzegorz thanks for add and i had added ur blog to

BB Tan said...

i add u , this is me sharingthelife,
Add to Technorati Favorites

santa said...

hi bb tan i had added ur blog into technorati fav

Anonymous said...

hey there! added you!

Fave my blog by clicking this link.

My technorati uname is: chinoyray
My site is:

santa said...

hi chino yray i had added ur blog

Cherry said...

Hi I have favorited you as well as include a link to your post at my blog.

See it

my technorati username is musicpoem

Favorite me

thanks in advance

C M C said...

Thanks cherry i added ur blog too

hobbithob said...

hi there,

i have favourited and linked you. Awaiting yours :-)

My technorati address is here.

Also wrote a post on this. The url is here. So whoever favourites me or link to me, and leave a site name on my blog will get a favourite/ linkback from me too.

jocelyn said...

Hi, I've faved you!

Please fave me too @ Add to Technorati Favorites

My link exchange url is here

Drop me a message when you fave me, k?


A Silken Touch said...

I have also jumped into the bandwagon.
Fav me also. The link is

Link to my post

vin said...

I’ve added you to my faves.

Here’s my Technorati faves link :

Add Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta to your Technorati Favourites


C M C said...

Hi friends all are added to my favs thank you

cosmicsurfer said...

Hello my friend, I just finished Faving your Blog.

This my ID - ironmanxart

I have a Technorati Favorites Exchange going on at my site too !
I Have the "Share the Power of Technorati Favs" setup too, by Mr. Gary Lee !
I have put you on my list there too !

This is a Great Experiment, it'z Working !!!******

Thank you my Friend !!!******

Marco said...

I have just faved you. Here is mine
Thank you. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi. I faved you! My Technorati user name is tharsos. You can favorite me by clicking here. I also started a Technorati exchange and linked to your post from my blog:
If you have a place in your post for a list of other Technorati exchanges feel free to include my link as well:) Thanks!

T@blogosphère said...

I've just added your blog to Technorati Favs.

my technorati link:

Here is my Blog to this regards:


Funny MySpace Pictures said...

Great idea! Please favorite me back for Thanks!

C M C said...

Hi friends, i added all of u to my favs thank you

Apple iPhone said...

I've just added you to my Faves.

My Technorati username:

My blog:

Add to Technorati Favorites


voteboob said...

Anyone reading this can also add us. Check out your LINK at It may take a few minutes for the link to post to the website. You were favorited by snickersandtwix.

My favorite link is

The website is located at


- voteboob

Memey said...

Hi, I have added you. Please add me too if you do not mind :

lilyruth said...

I have added you to my technorti favorites I hope you will please add me to yours and also and I hope you will visit my blogs and also leave comment so I will know you have added me you can go there and lick on to the add me to your technorati favorites buttn. I want to invite everyone here to go and join my technorati exchange project if you wish to exchange links with me visit thank you

Alex Vorn said...

Just added you like favorite, add me too:
My blog name: Tech Gadget Blog
My Blog Url:
The best!

Brandon said...

Thanks! You are officially favorited. Here’s a link to the Technorati Favorite for Design Crack and a link to my Technorati link exchange post.

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nakichiam said...

Hello~ I've added you to my technorati favourite!

Do me a favor and add me back? ^^

You can add through here:

my username is elezend

my technorati post:


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