Friday, May 18, 2007

My Tips On How To Building Traffic

Steps for Building Traffic to your Blog

The single most important thing that will separate your blog from the rest of the crowd can be reduced to single word: Traffic. If your blog does not have visitors, there is very little you can do to monetize it. Income from your blog is a function of traffic and more traffic, so you can generate potential Income.

For the first few months forget about traffic and concentrate on building traffic. Be thankful when you receive comments either positive or negative.

When you start a new blog, its automatically listed to the provider’s directory listing. There are, however, specialized directory services – is one name that should sound familiar-that are dedicated to the cause of telling the world about all the blogs they can read and enjoy.

The most and best technique, which is free except for the time you spend, is to visit other blogs of interest and get involved in the comments section there. Most comments sections provide a field to leave your Blog URL. So, the participants in the comments section who like what you say may follow back through your URL to see the information on your Blog. But keep on Note that comments on other blogs with a meaning full manner.

When you find a blog post that you particularly like and wish to write a post on it your self, make a point to leave trackback link on the Author’s original Post. A trackback provides convenient method to leave links to your blog on other blogs with similar content. Trackbacks and Links from other Website or Blogs will help in improving Search Engines.

You can also consider taking part in Blog communities like,,, In this communities will help in increase of the visibility of your blog as well as provide an opportunity for attracting fresh visitors.

You can also use Traffic exchange sites like,,,, to improve your blog traffic.


horozoglu said...

Good article for bloggers. I am sure most of us "bloggers" do all these. There are sooo many blogs out there which is good for getting a lot of information about anything.

Ken Xu said...

Great Sanbro!
THis is something I should keep in mind if I want to increase my blog traffic. :)

Btw, I never use blogexplosion, blogazoo, soldiers, trumptraffic and autohitsnow before. Could you explain it to me?

Memey said...


This is very informative website. Thanks. Luv it!

Contact Ms. Edna @ said...

Great information.

Anonymous said...

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