Friday, May 25, 2007

Speed Up your Net without any Third Party Software in Windows XP

You can improve the speed of your Net without any third party solution, all you have to do that

Go to : Start/Run and type "gpedit.msc without quotes. Then you can see a window called the "Group Policy Editor" in that

Go to : Local Computer Policy/Administrative Templates/Network/QoS Packet Scheduler in that window after selecting QoS Packet Scheduler, you can see "Limit reservable bandwidth" at the right side of the Window. Then Select "Limit reservable bandwidth" and right click on it and select properties and a Pop up window will appear in that, Check on "Enabled" and then change the value of the Bandwidth Limit % to 0%, and "Apply" and "OK". After please restart the system, you will have some better result.


Anonymous said...

Good post. Can you explain how and why changing this speed up my net.


C M C said...

simply before using this trick my downloading speed is less and after i use this my downloading speed is gradually increased so i think that it will help every one.

Anonymous said...

Something's wrong I have Window's XP and when I put gpedit.msc into run it doesn't work for some reason, is there something I'm doing wrong? or something I have to activate?