Friday, December 22, 2006


INKJET PRINTER : After prolonged use, dust can collect on the inside of the inkjet printer to form dust bunnies. The printer head with its moist inkjet is a hub of dust. While printing, the dust fluff wipes the fresh ink like a brush and ruins print quality. The cartridge tank in the stand-by position of the print head is most affected. The dust bunnies collect here and 'hop'time and again on the print head.

To clean, use cotton swabs, a torch and tweezers. It is best to let the ink cartridge run in the changing position and then pull the power plug. In this manner, you can avoid the tray from moving in the wrong direction while your are still busy cleaning. Now, with the torch, look for the drip sponge and clean the tank with the tweezers or cotton swabs.

You can also prevent dust by opening the printer cover regularly and cleaning the inside carefully with the smallest nozzle of the vaccum cleaner.

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