Monday, February 12, 2007

Download Free video / audio software

Even those serious computer users use their computer to listen to songs or view video clips during their leisure. The Windows Media Player in your windows OS will allow you to use and open both audio and video files. However if you have other popular video and audio software you can handle these multimedia files more efficiently. You can also use your audio and video cds more effectively.

Free Audio Software

01. Music Match Jukebox is an essential and handy audio software which you must have in your computer. You can use audio files using this software. Music match jukebox also can convert your audio cds into MP3 songs and you can create mp3 cds. Likewise you can convert mp3 files to audio cd format. You can also use this software to print labels for your CDs and CD boxes as well as the table of contents for cds. You can download Music Match Jukebox from

02. If you do not have WinAmp audio software then you are strongly encouraged to download WinAmp from and install it. WinAmp can also playback video.

03. 'Audio Catalist' is another audio software that can convert audio cd format files and wave format files to mp3 format. You can download audio catalyst from

Free Video Software

01. VCD cutter is a very handy video software. When you are viewing a video on screen, you can use VCD cutter to save this whole video or part of the video to your hard disk. If you just want to copy the audio from the video file you are watching you can also do it using VCD cutter. You can also use VCD cutter to add audio to video files. VCD cutter can also convert AVI video format files to MPEG format. You can download VCD cutter from

02. TMPGENC is a free software that you can download from TMPGENC allows you to convert any video format to another video format. For example you can convert AVI format to DAT format or DAT format to MPEG format and so on.

03. EasydivX is another free video software which can be downloaded from You can save video from your DVDs into your hard disk converting them to AVI or MP3 formats,

04. Power DVD XP is another free video software that handles all the existing dvd formats and can be downloaded from

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