Monday, February 19, 2007

How to rename more than one file at one go?

When downloading photos from digital camera, they may have unrecognizable names. We can rename several similar files at once with the following procedure. This will also work for renaming other file types. Open ‘My Pictures’ folder (Click ‘Start’, and then click ‘My Pictures’) or open any other folder containing files that you want to rename. Select the files you want to rename. If the files you want are not juxtaposed in the file list, press and hold (Ctrl), and then click each item to select it. In the File menu, click ‘Rename’. Type the new name and press enter. All of the files in the series will be names in sequences using the new name you type. For example, if you type Birthday, the first will be named Birthday and the subsequent files in the series will be named Birthday (1), Birthday (2), and so on. To specify the starting number for the series, type it in parentheses after the new file name, and the files in the series will be numbered in sequence starting with the number you type.


rommel said...

Briiliant, very useful indeed, Thanks a Lot!

Anonymous said...

A good way to manage your file which were othrwise difficult.Thanks for the nice idea.