Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How To View Hidden Files With Windows 2000 and XP

Sometimes, there are files you need to copy from one system to another, such as an outlook.pst file, but Windows makes it nearly impossible to find the file, because it is located in a hidden folder. In fact, many of Windows 2000 / XP folders are hidden that are used to store user information, that you may not know about.

This technical tip describes how to make hidden files appear in your Windows Explorer window.

Open 'My Computer'

Click 'Tools' and then click 'Folder Options'.

Click the 'View' tab.

A window should appear with various options and checkboxes that can be checked. Under 'Hidden Files and Folders', click to turn on the option to 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'.

Click the button 'Like Current Folder' to make this change available to all folders on the computer.

You should now be able to browse, under 'c:\documents and settings\' and your User name and see folders that were once hidden, appear, such as 'Local Settings'. With more control of your ability to see hidden folders, comes greater responsibility - be careful not to delete, move, or alter any these hidden folders and files.

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