Friday, February 09, 2007

Potential problems leaving 16-bit winsock.dll's

If you re having problems getting some of your winsock applicationsto work under Win95, make sure you delete any old 16-bit winsock.dll's.

If this file is in the directory were the application resides, it couldcause problems. Programs that could have problems like this are:

01. Ewan.exe (Telnet app)

02. WSIRC.exe (IRC app)

03. WSGopher.exe (Gopher app)

04. NX.Exe (NewsXpress)

05. Netscape v.1.0

We found that if the software listed above is in the same directory as theTrumpet Winsock.dll file, then they will NOT work under the MS-TCP/IP stack.

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