Monday, February 26, 2007

Turning Off or Changing Windows Sounds

I’m sure you may have noticed that with most default Windows installations or when you buy a computer with Windows already installed that there are sound effects for just about everything you do. This can get old after awhile; actually it can get old really quickly.

Fortunately it is easy to change these sounds or better yet to shut them off so you don’t have to keep your speakers turned down.

Go to Start, Settings and then Control Panel or Start then Control Panel. Find the icon for Sounds and Audio Devices. Double click it and then click on the Sounds tab.

Here you can see what sounds are associated with what actions. You can highlight an action or event and hear the sound associated with it, change it to a different sound or remove the sound from the item. This will not remove the actual sound file from your computer but just stop it from playing every time that type of event happens.

In the Sound scheme area you can save your new sound scheme once you fine tune it. You can also set the sounds scheme to none so that there are no sounds at all.

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