Sunday, February 18, 2007

VPN and Browsing

1. Browsing the remote network can be difficult if not impossible over a VPN connection. There are too many variables that can hinder this.

2. To make browsing work a little easier, you might want to edit the HOSTS and LMHOSTS files on the VPN Client.

3. These are in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory for XP and Vista. In the \Windows directory for Win9x.

4. Just add a line with the LAN IP address of the VPN server followed by it's name.
e.g - SERVER

5. You can also add in the LAN IP address and Name of any other computers on the remote network that you may want to connect to.

6. Also make sure the workgroup name is the same on all computers.

7. Now you can use the Windows Explorer to map the network connections


Stef said...


For mobile VPN usage you may find the Yankee Group white paper here useful


santa said...

thanks for you for the suggestion. If any sugestion please mail me.