Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to avoid fuzzy photos

If you get fuzzy pictures when zooming in from a distance with your digital camera, the fuzziness is probably caused by one of two things:

  • One is that you’re moving the camera when taking the shot. Any movement is exaggerated when you’re zoomed in, so try using a tripod or stand very still, take a deep breath, hold it, take the photo and then breathe out.
  • The other problem is that you might be using digital zoom, which isn’t a true zoom, and the results are more likely to be fuzzy simply because the camera is enlarging the pixels to make the images bigger, rather than really zooming in on the subject. I always turn off digital zoom, and doing that might help. You won’t be able to zoom in so close, but you might get clearer shots,
As for photographing moving people: Try following them with the camera so you actually move the camera with them. Take the shot as you move and keep moving until it’s all done. That way you should get the person nicely sharp and the background nicely blurred.

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