Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Search Files on Rapidshare

Yes, most of us know Rapidshare won't let you search files because of privacy reasons. But since we have limited days with the premium accounts we are supplying you with, you need to download all you can from Rapidshare, as fast as you can.

There is now a way to search Rapidshare via Google. I'm going to show you how to search .cab/ .exe./ .zip./ or .rar because those are MAINLY the file extensions you will see on cracks and movies- etc.

To search .cab, .exe, .rar., or .zip, enter this into Google and search:
.cab OR .exe OR .rar OR .zip site:rapidshare.de

For Misc. Extensions use this:
.* site:rapidshare.de

For Videos:
.Avi OR .mpg OR .mpeg site:rapidshare.de

Searching for a specific file using a word

Type on Google the following:

cab OR exe OR rar OR zip “example” site:rapidshare.de

Where “example” is the specific file you want to search.

Hope this helped all of you guys. This can ALSO BE DONE WITH MEGAUPLOAD! Change site:rapidshare.de to megaupload.com.

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vinayan said...

nice tip. Will try it .