Monday, March 26, 2007

Windows XPs Stored User Names and Passwords Tool

With Windows XP you can store your user credentials in your Windows XP system by saving them to your user profile. When you connect to a network or internet resource you may see a box that says Remember My Password. If you use the Stored User Names and Passwords tool it will use that information to log into that resource the next time you log in with your stored user credentials from your user profile. When you access a resource, the authentication package searches the Stored User Names and Passwords store for the most specific credential that matches that resource. If it finds one, it will be used to authenticate you without any interaction from you.

Here is how you manage your Stored User Names and Passwords.
1. Log on to the computer as the user whose account you want to change.
2. Click on Start, then click Control Panel. Or Start, Settings Control Panel.
3. Click on User Accounts.
4. Open the Stored User Names and Passwords dialog box

If you log on with a limited account click Manage my network passwords
under Related Tasks.
If you log on with an administrator account, click your user account under or pick an account to change, and then open the What do you want to change about your account? dialog box. Under Related Tasks, click the Manage my network passwords.

From here you can add, remove or edit your stored passwords. If you click on Add you will get a dialog box like the following.

Here you can enter the name of the server or site you want to store your password with, your username that you logon with and the password for that username. Next time you login to that server you won’t have to enter any credentials.

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