Sunday, April 15, 2007

Apple iTunes to Offer MGM Movies

Since starting offering movies as downloads in September last year, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios is the latest Hollywood studio to join Apple's iTunes bandwagon.

As per the deal announced yesterday, MGM will intially offer classics such as 'Dances with Wolves,' 'Mad Max,' and 'Rocky,' with other titles to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Beginning with movies from Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and now MGM, iTunes sports a catalog of well over 500 titles.

Marked by their absence on iTunes are Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros, which have already started offering movie downloads through rivals, and Wal Mart Stores.

Despite this, ask Eddy Cue, Apple's Vice President of iTunes, and he maintains that iTunes reigns supreme with more than 2 million movie copies sold.

Cue also says its just a matter of time before all movie studios will land up at iTunes. He explains that some people are just skeptical as they want to see how the market develops first.

Not to mention, Apple's demand for uniformity in pricing... Most movies on iTunes cost $9.99 per download.

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