Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Compact Cellphone With a Full Bag of Tricks

As with a clown-filled Volkswagen Beetle, the outside of the diminutive N95 cellphone from Nokia belies what’s inside.

The four-ounce N95 includes a bright VGA screen and stereo speakers for video and music, a miniSD memory card slot and a plethora of wireless features. Available online ( and from Nokia stores, the phone supports quad-band G.S.M. and includes Wi-Fi and high-speed wireless data services, along with G.P.S. location tracking. The phone, which is not subsidized by wireless companies, costs $749.

The phone has two modes. Sliding up the screen reveals a dial pad for phone and messaging features. Sliding it down reveals track control buttons for the music and video player.

The five-megapixel front camera has a flash and Carl Zeiss optics, and there is a small camera above the screen for video chats. The phone has two processors, one for the smart-phone features and one for graphics processing. This means the N95 can play back multiple video formats and impressively render video games. Big shoes and red noses are optional.

Source : newyorktimes

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