Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gigabyte Wireless Presentation Kit

The GM-FPB is Gigabyte’s gift to all those lucky enough to be called upon to give e-presentations. This kit consists of a pen-drive-looking unit that’s the receiver and the actual remote. They’re both the same colour tone as well, and both units are built well. Best of all, the kit is extremely compact.

The remote is contoured well, making for a comfortable grip—a good thing, considering its intended usage patterns. The receiver doubles up as a pen drive. We received the 128 MB version and there’s a 256 MB one as well.

Gigabyte opted for wireless (as opposed to the regular IR configurations), so orientation and direction will never limit usage. In case you want to play tag, there’s a laser pointer built in—a complete presentation tool!

Installation is a breeze: no driver CDs needed for Windows XP users. Just plug in the receiver into a USB port and you’re good to go.

The GM-FPB toggles between presentation and media player mode. While presenting, you have full control over the mouse control button. This button is like the joypad button on many cell phones. Tactile feel is good, and the pointer accelerates proportional to the force exerted while pressing the button. There’s a scroll wheel on the side of the remote—which effectively replaces the keyboard and mouse combination for browsing on your PC.

Switching to media player mode by pressing the Mode button for two seconds disables the mouse button, and your left and right click buttons become stop and play buttons! The wheel becomes a volume controller. Slick!

Signal range is good, too. We tested it up to 20 feet, which is around the maximum distance a presenter would stand from a screen anyway.

G-MAX flex pointer, USB 1.1, 64 ID Design, 128 MB in-built flash memory, 433.92 MHz frequency range, compatible with Windows 9x/ME/XP, Mac OS 10.0

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