Thursday, April 19, 2007

How to Troubleshoot the Hard Drive

The hard drive will not boot up when you turn on the Computer, or the hard drive makes unusual noise.

Try booting off drive A and then see if you can access the drive.

If it is accessible this means the track zero is bad and the drive needs to be reformatted. It could also mean that the boot up files are corrupted,. in this case recopy the DOS hidden files onto the hard drive with SYS command (i e.COPY.SYS C:) and then copy the COMMAND. COM file to the hard drive if that doesn’t work, back up all the data on the drive and reformat the drive. Open the computer and check that no cables have come loose between the drive and hard disk controller.

If the hard drive is totally inaccessible you can try reformatting it. This will cause all data to be lost. If you have valuable data on the drive you can take it to service center that specializes in hard drives arid they may able to save some of the data. .

If the computer drive will not reformat try the drive on another computer with the same drive. Still will not work? Replace the drive with a functioning one.

Try another one of the same type of controllers on your computer. If the drive works, replace the faulty controller

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