Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Many parents out there, are worried abt their kids once they have an internet connection at home. from sex, to violence its all available on the internet and worst still most of it is FREE! This is a concern raising the daily stress level of many parents.well i have a few tips on how you can control your kids web activities.lets start with restricting our innocent life from gaining access to such websites.

If you are using internet explorer (IE) 5.0 and above, its great place to start. IE has a feature to restrict such websites displaying sex, violence, and many other stuff, only that 90% of the parents are not aware of this great facility provided by Microsoft.

steps to a stress free kids life.

1. open IE.

2. go to the Tools menu and click on Internet Options.

3. select the Content Tab.

4. Click on Enable.

5. on the dialogue box, you can choose a rating standard. for each area, you can choose a level to which one can gain access. for sex, nudity, language and violence. select your choice, you can choose to allow a little bit of everything to not allowing anything of such content.

6. click on advanced tab after you are done with the selection of levels.

7. enter a password and keep it to yourself. make sure your smart kids cannot guess what it is.

8. click ok, and close all windows.

9. TEST IT FOR YOURSELF! go to a sex website, and the content advisor will block it, asking for a password.


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