Wednesday, May 09, 2007

HP Bluetooth PC card Mouse

A Mouse with a Blue Tooth : Slim, stylish and handy. I'am writing about the HP Bluetooth PC card mouse. This compact optical mouse can give its rivals a distant run for their money. Concise information about it wouldn't suffice so let's see what makes this mouse so special in detail.

Features :

This mouse is 1.1 and 1.2 Bluetooth-complaint and the range extends up to 10 meters/30 feet. On its belly, an optical sensor detects the surface it runs on. Close to it, a Bluetooth connect button gets the mouse jumpstarted for Bluetooth detection. It thereafter for Bluetooth detection. It thereafter creates a communication link to the computer having built-in Bluetooth or an external Bluetooth or an external Bluetooth adapter (dongle).

Performance and Design :

The back end fits well in the palm cavity making it easy to hold. The buttons are easy on the fingers and the curvatures on either side deliver a good grip for a right handed person as well as for a left handed one. The quality of the shell ensures durability as the top is plastic and the bottom is metallic and it's as light as your average pen. The indicative blue light means the Bluetooth is on and the red light indicates otherwise. This mouse works well on a smooth matt surface. A metallic or a reflective surface is a no-no, as it causes slow response time and temporary mouse failures. There is a flip side to the internal battery, as it does not get charged when the notebook is in stand-by mode or sleep mode. Also, a gamer will find it a little cumbersome to use due to its lithe heft.

Verdict :

I believe it is great for general-purpose use. It isn't great for gaming as it is supported on the stand which might close, turning-off the mouse if pressurized. However, it's a sophisticated piece of hardware. 'Something different' would be an understatement as this mouse has a kick stand and rests on it while in use.

For : The mouse shows good optical accuracy and speed. The looks and the design are downright eye-catching. The battery needs just an hour to fully juice up. When the mouse detects no activity for ten minutes, it goes into sleep mode that saves considerable amount of battery power. Waking up the mouse is just a click away.

Against : Installing and getting it started is relatively complex procedure for someone not accustomed to Bluetooth devices. A PCMCIA slot is mandatory to recharge the batter. In effect it is only intended to be used with notebooks.

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