Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mitashi TFD 7305 ( A Portable DVD/MP3 Player )

Mobile Movies : The Mitashi TFD 7305 DVD/VCD/MP3 player is a nice personal portable video player to add to your repertoire of gadgets. It sports an attractive silver-black color and looks like a mini tablet PC. It is capable of playing VCD and DVD, Audio CD, MP3, and JPEG. Dual layer DVD's, CD-RW and DVD-RW are also compatible with this player.

Features : The 7-inch 180 degree rotating wide screen TFT monitor also integrates small speakers (approx 2Watts). The monitor also has small rollers with a rubber coating to avoid scratching the device while rotating the screen which is a thoughtful design element. The wide screen TFT is quite good in moderate bright sunlight. Though the viewing angle is quite good, the display is a little pixilated where you can actually notice the display matrix. Also the color reproduction is dull with faded or washed out pictures in even the high contrast mode. The image depth is lost and the interlacing can be noticeable during action movies. Another problem with the player is the Video output.

The player features shock protection which avoids contains a harness in which you can slip the player and strap it to the back of a car seat and enjoy the movie. The remote shipped with the device is a compact fully functional device which makes the player easy to use.

Performance : The battery available with the unit is a 7.4 Volt 3000 mAH which charges is about 4 hours completely can play a decent 2 hour movie at stretch. Hence, you may not able to watch those long Hindi movies unless you have a power point to connect your charger to or if you are in a car. The sound quality of the speakers on the player is moderate at best. The headphone sound quality was also poor though they were comfortable to wear.

For : Good looks and portability

Against : It does not have DivX support, batteries don't last for longer movies.

Specifications :

Formats Supported : DVD, VCD, ACD, CD-R/RW, MP3

Video Output : NTSC, PAL, composite, IR remote control

Display : 7-inch color TFT (More than 65 Million Colors).

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carl said...

The Mitashi TFD 7305 DVD/VCD/MP3 player sounds like a good portable MP3 player and DVD player. The rotating widescreen sounds like a nice touch for a portable media device. Pitty about the sounds quality (for MP3) and the battery life (for DVD).