Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Taking Snapshots of Complete Website

If you want to insert an entire website into a document as a graphic. Since it does not fit on the screen completely, the classical screenshot is rendered useless.

Windows tools fails to take a complete website snapshot. This is because of the usual browser functions can save websites only in the HTML format. Reducing the size of the website in the browser window is equally useless since the resolution decreases considerably and the information often becomes illegible. The free tool "IE Snapshot" is there to set things right.

The program can be used immediately without further installation once you unpack the Zip archive. It functions as a mini browser and is independent of Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers.

Make a couple of useful settings before you start. Switch to the “Configuration” tab for that. Click on “Browse” in that “Save Parameters”. Navigate your way to the desired target folder for the image file and define it by clicking on “OK”. Select ‘JPG’ or ‘BMP’ as preferred graphic format, under “File Format” and also set the quality setting “Compression quality” for ‘JPG’ with the slider.

Then switch to the “Browser” tab. Write the URL of the desired site which you want to take a snapshot in the “Address field” and click on “GO”. When the webpage is fully loaded, click on “Grab now” and check the preview in the right part of the windows.

Here, you can also select the section of the website that has to be taken. “Save” creates a new graphic file as per your instructions, the name of the file is given automatically. With the right settings in the “Configuration” tab, you can even save websites directly in a PDF file using this tool.

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Webtools said...

Snagit is probably a better choice for taking screenshots any any type.