Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tips To Increase Digital Camera Battery Life

Digital cameras tend to drain out the battery, with many models not giving you more than 20 - 30 shots per charge. There are bound to be times when you could be in a place that doesn't allow you to charge your batteries and you notice the rapidly declining battery indicator. Here are some tips that can help you maximize your batteries remaining life.

  • Turn off the LCD. The LCD uses up a lot of your camera's battery life, so it's better to keep it turned off and use the camera's viewfinder instead.
  • Plan your shots before turning on the camera. Turning the camera on and off after every shot will use up more battery power than turning the camera on, taking a few shots and then turning it off.
  • Try using higher exposure settings over flash when your battery seems to be dying out. Flash requires lot of battery power.
  • Most people have a tendency to keep seeing the clicked images. It is best to avoid playback of the pictures and videos you just clicked. This will help in conserving the battery life.
These tips will easily get you a few more shots out of your digital camera with the same old batteries. Though, the best thing to do to avoid situations where you are stranded with dying batteries is to carry an extra battery pack for your camera.

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