Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ViewSonic VG2030wm The Big Picture

ViewSonic VG2030wm :

Features :

Belonging to the "Graphic" series, the VG2030wm is one such 20-inch wide screen TFT monitor with a speedy response time. The display area is equivalent to that of 21-inch television set in your living room. The biggest bonus you get is wide screen format. The TFT panel is packed in a stylish ultra-slim bezel measuring about two inches in thickness. With a small footprint, the monitor doesn't eat much desk space despite having a large screen. View sonic has also managed to squeeze in 2-watt stereo speakers at the base of the screen.

Performance :

The stellar performance of the monitor is clearly attributed to its high contrast ratio and speedy response time. The color reproduction was excellent with good luminance.

Verdict : It was a 20-inch wide screen monitor that is highly suited for gaming at high resolutions and watching movies.

For : Great aesthetics, good contrast ratio.

Against : You will face a slight problem only when it comes to adjusting the settings, as the menu buttons are placed on the right side of the screen frame. So, it would have been better if the menu buttons were placed in front.

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