Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vista Tips : Using the new search function efficiently

In all Windows versions including XP, the search function integrated in the operating system was primitive at best, too slow and complicated. But, Vista has an efficient database driven search engine from the beginning itself.

Using the Basic Functions :

The new search with an input field is now accessible in the start menu in Windows Explorer and in many dialog boxes. It gives results by simply typing the first alphabets. Vista shows the hits in a list in the start menu, lucidly grouped according to "Programs", 'Files' and 'Communication'. To test, enter 'Com' in the field in the start menu-the link to the "communications" and others appears . The browser starts with just one click. In the same way, you have access to files and e-mails that contain the same alphabet combinations. The quick search comes without any grouping in Windows Explorer. Besides, the list goes on till the last folder selected and its subfolder.

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