Saturday, June 09, 2007

Changing The Size Of The Preview Image In Explorer

Depending on the screen resolution, the images displayed in the preview in Windows Explorer are so tiny that similar photographs can barely be distinguished from on another. The size of the preview can be increased or decreased by changing a value in the Registry instead.

  • Open the registry editor and navigate to the key

  • Click on "Edit > New > DWORD-Value". Name the new entry as "Thumbnailsize".
  • Double click on the entry, select the "Decimal" radio button and enter a number between "32" and "256". Default value is "96".
  • Enter a larger value to increase the Thumbnail Size and Smaller value to decrease the Thumbnail Size. Confirm the change by clicking on "OK". Restart Windows Explorer for the changes to take effect.
Before Editing Registry (which was in Default Decimal value 96)

After Editing Registry (I changed the Default Decimal Value 96 to 150)

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