Thursday, June 07, 2007

Genius Traveler 355 with OptoWheel Technology

Genius presents an innovative new technology "OptoWheel" in its new offering the Genius Traveller 355 Laser Mouse. The "Innovative" OptoWheel Technology is basically a touch sensitive scroller instead of the normal scroll wheel. This mouse offers the user sleek looks, good touch and making it a cool companion for you.

The main feature of this mouse is the touch sensitive optical sensor that makes it really easy to scroll in all four directions. It boasts of a Laser tracking device that is much precise and accurate than an Optical Mouse. The Genius Traveler features an ambidextrous design, making it easy for right and left handed people. The small form factor makes it a slick looking accessory to use with notebooks. The touch sensitive scroll sensor feels much better than the scroll wheel and helps reduce the stress on your fingers.

Verdict : Good features, nice design, innovative touch scroll technology, good precision.

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