Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop

The Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 is a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set that comes with a host of features. The Desktop 6000 is ergonomically designed, but it may be hard to say if this is the best design out there. This Desktop 6000 must help in reducing the aches associated with keyboard and mouse use.

The Mouse is bigger than the normal one and it will fills your hand. The recesses for the thumb and the ring finger enable you to grip the mouse more naturally and it causes you lesser stress. The mouse uses a Laser tracker but one cannot immediately tell the difference between this and ordinary optical mouse, you can notice the difference while working.

The Keyboard on its part lets you place your wrist at slight angles that are more comfortable and there is also a padded support for the wrists, the keys are very soft to press and make minimal noise. There are some extra keys on the Keyboard include Windows Live Call button, Magnifier, Windows Gadget button and more. The standard multimedia keys are present.

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