Thursday, June 14, 2007

NoteZilla : A Sticky Notes lets you be organized

NoteZilla 7.0 :

Developed by Conceptworld, Notezilla is handy application that allows you to manage your daily appointments and tasks. Once you installed, it settles on your taskbar and makes it easy for you to place colorful notes on your desktop. The notes you kept in desktop are translucent so you can see the Icons under the notes. NoteZilla has feature called Notes Browser so you can keep track of all notes you have made. You can send an note over E-mail.

Good : It was a Customizable notes, Note Browser helps keep track of your notes, notes can be sent through network.

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Gautam Jain said...

Thanks Santhosh for NoteZilla review. We are the developer of NoteZilla.

It would be nice if you can link the keywords "sticky notes" to our website. Just a request so that it would improve our google ranking.