Monday, June 18, 2007

Place Your Speakers Correctly

If you have just upgraded your PC speakers to more powerful and advanced ones, you should learn how to use them optimally. These days PC speakers sets come with woofers and multiple speakers referred to as satellites. The placement of these speakers can go a long way in deciding the final output and quality of the sound. Whether you upgrade to a 2.1 speaker system (which comprises two satellites and woofer) or a 5.1 speaker system (five satellites and a woofer), make sure you place the woofer in the corner of the room or the listening area. The woofer should be placed in a corner but not too close to any wall or other objects.

The more open space it gets the better it sounds. The placement is also very important, it should be placed on the floor and not on any objects or shelves. Also make sure that it's away from the computer or any other electronic device. Woofers are generally not magnetically shielded and hence may cause interference with other devices. Satellites should ideally be placed at ear level in terms of the height from the floor. This creates an ideal sound field, which plays a key role in delivering positional audio - a dominant feature for DVD movies.

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