Monday, June 11, 2007

Prevent Excess Heat and Vibration in Hard Drives

With Hard Drives becoming more and more affordable, buying a second hard drive to boost the computer storage is very common upgrade amongst users. Hard Drives have a major contribution to the overall system heat and hence you need to take the following precautions before installing a second Hard Drive. Here are some tips to see your new Hard Drive does not bring new problems :

  • Make sure there is enough ventilation in the cabinet and ensure that the Hard Drive is not in physical contact with any other device ( like Floppy Disk Drive, Hard Drive or Optical Drive).
  • The two Hard Drives should have sufficient space between them, if they are too close to each other, the heat emitted by them can not only cause damage to the Hard Drives but also pushes the system temperature higher, putting the other components is danger of excess heat. Maintain a minimum distance of 2 inches between the two Drives. In case you have more than two Drives, which don,t allow sufficient gap between the Drives, it's recommended that you use Hard Drive coolers to control the heat.
  • Hard Drives have a tendency to vibrate in case they are not attached properly. Loosely fit Hard Drives can cause vibrations that not only damage the hard drive but other components as well. To avoid such issues, make sure that they are fit properly and ensure that they are attached to the chassis of the cabinet from all four sides.

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Ken Xu said...

Good tips! I will blog about it too! And I will link to you!