Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Resetting Your Cell Phone

If you frequently exchange your phone for new models, and worrying about your data residing on your older phone, here is the way to erase it:

There are ways in which you can reset a phone to its factory defaults, causing it to completly erase all user data and reload it orginal factory firmware. In case of Nokia, you simply type in "*#7370#"(without quotes). The phone will then ask you if you are sure you want to do this and will also prompt for the PIN number of you phone (if you haven't already set one, check the user manual for the default code, Usually Nokia mobile default code is 12345). The phone will then reboot. You will recognize that the phone is reset as it will return to its default factory theme. Also make sure that you format the memory card of the phone it if has one!

You can either do this through the phone or via your Desktop Computer by using a memory card reader. Having done all of this, you can now safely pass on your phone without having to worry about the next user having access to your data.

There is also a way you can specially intialize only the phone software without losing user data. Do this by typing the code "*#780#"(without quotes). This generally works as a solution to common phone problems for example if your phone frequently begins hanging or it some of the default installed applications stop functioning.