Sunday, July 01, 2007

Improving Speed of Slow Hard Disks

The fragmentation of saved files by Windows XP throughout the complete disk memory is directly proportional to the space occupied in the hard disk, this also slows down the PC. You can easily optimize almost all the files for quick access using XP’s defrag tool, but not the Pagefile and the Registry. The reason is Windows XP does not provide access to these files while operating.

Yet, the Pagefile and the Registry files can easily be optimized for quick access using the ‘PageDefrag’ tool.

* Unzip the archive into any directory you want. Start the file “pagedfrg.exe” after unzipping and activate “Defragment at next boot”. The tool latches itself at the next boot before the operating system starts and defrags the system files. Windows then boots and the hard disk then starts functioning with its usual speed again.