Friday, February 09, 2007

Automatic NT Domain Logon

When you need to logon to an NT Domain, Windows95 prompts you for you User ID, Password, and Domain NameTo have Windows95 automatically log you on:

01. Make sure Password Caching is Enabled, No Minimum Password Length has been set, and User Profiles is not enabled

02. Open the Control Panel

03. Double click on the Network icon

04. Change the Primary Network Logon to Windows Logon

05. Click on the OK button

06. Do not restart the computer when prompted

07. Double click on the Passwords icon

08. Click on the Change Windows Password button

09. Do not check the Microsoft Network box

10. Type in your old password and nothing for the new and confirmation password

11. Click on the OK button

12. Restart Windows95

13. Don't type any password for your Windows password. This is what you just set it for.

14. When the Domain Login screen comes up, check Save this password in your password list

15. next time you start Windows95, you will be automatically logged into your NT Domain.

NOTE: This bypasses the security that logging into an NT Domain is used to provide.Do not use in areas where security is critical.


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