Monday, February 19, 2007

Image Resizer

Image resizer is a power toy tool that can be downloaded from microsoft website.

As the name suggests, 'Image resizer' is used to resize the image files in our computer. These images can be a JPG, BMP or other image format files. Once you download this power toy tool from the above webpage and install it in your computer,

01 you can open the windows explorer and select a few image files and right click to see a menu.

02. From this menu select 'Resize pictures'

03. Then select the preferred size that you want for these selected pictures

04. Then click 'Ok' to save all these files with the size you selected.

Though this tool is very easy to use, you may still have to make some settings to tune this tool. You can only resize the pictures into four different sizes. In this, the first three sizes can be used to resize the photos or pictures in landscape format. The fourth option, 'Handheld PC' can be used only with Pocket PCs.

If you need to fine tune this tool, do not use the 'default size' option. Instead select 'Advanced' and select the 'custom option'. For both 'portrait and landscape' type of pictures select the maximum size of pixels (resolution). In both boxes use the resolution that you selected. This is the maximum size therefore do not worry that all files will be resized to this. Usually 600x800 size is suitable for sending emails and storing in websites. However if you need to print it out then select higher resolutions.

Your high resolution original pictures will be renamed and retained by Image Resizer, therefore do not worry that resizing will delete the original files.

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