Monday, February 19, 2007

What is sticky keys? How to enable sticky keys

While using computers, many functions are accomplished by pressing two keys together. For example when you press Ctrl + C, you can copy the selected text. But many people find it difficult to press two keys together. That is, they will just press the second key, which means when they press the second key they will release the first key.

For these people, Windows provides a solution. Even whey you press the two keys with a gap in between, you can configure windows to consider as if you pressed them together. This feature is called 'Sticky keys'. To enable sticky keys in Windows follow these steps.

* Select Start->Settings->Control Panel

* Click on the 'Accessibility Options'.

* Then select 'Keyboard' and then select the 'Use Sticky Keys' check box.

* Then click on 'OK'.

From now on you can press Ctrl + C or any other dual keys one by one but windows will take it as pressing together.

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