Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Keys for Special Symbols

To get † symbol use Alt+0134

To get ‡ symbol use Alt+0135

To create the trade mark (™) symbol use Alt+0153

To get bound sterling (£) symbol use Alt+0163

To get the Japanese currency yen (¥) symbol use Alt+0165

To get copy right symbol (©) use Alt+0169

To get registered trade mark symbol (®) use Alt+0174

To get degree symbol (°) use Alt+0176

To show (±) symbol use Alt+0177

To show super script 2 symbol (²) use Alt+0178

To show super script 3 symbol (³) use Alt+0179

To make a center dot symbol (•) use Alt+0183

To describe ¼ use Alt+0188

To describe ½ use Alt+0189

To describe ¾ use Alt+0190

To see more combinations of symbols visit at http://home.earthlink.net/~awinkelried/keyboard_shortcuts.html

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