Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Use of Degauss button in monitor

Most of the computer monitors will have a 'Degauss' button. What is the use of this deguass feature. On pressing the degauss button the monitor will shutdown for a second and come back to life. Why does this happen? By pressing this the magnetic energy is destroyed. Here we will discuss in detail about this technology.

Monitor has a cathode ray tube. This monitors the electrons that produce the magnetic fields in the tube. The magnetic fields outside the tube for example the earth's magnetic fields mix with the tube's magnetic fields and distort the picture. When we press the degauss button the magnetic fields inside the tube is adjusted to match the magnetic fields outside.

Degauss is the name of a scientist. He is Johan Gauss, who researched on the electro magnetic waves.

There is another interesting news. Earth's south and north poles have difference in magnetic fields. Therefore the monitor manufacturers make the monitor based on the customers' location. That is the reason why when you turn your monitor to face some other direction the picture quality may change. So you may need to deguass the monitor.

But if you are using a flat monitor then you don't need to degauss because the flat monitors do not use magnetic fields to function.

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