Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Linux Applications

Linux Operating System is widely in use in many places either because it is free or because it comes with the source code. Windows and Windows based applications are not free. But Linux and applications that run on Linux are also free.

SuSe and Mandrake are some of the Linux distributions. In this article we shall see the many different free applications that can be used in Linux.

Office Software in Linux
  1. provides a free Office software that can be used in Linux. The Open Office software has Write (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation) and Draw (Image editor).
  2. Similarly Kword, Karbon are other free Word processors available for Linux
  3. Gnumeric and Kspread are other Spreadsheet softwares available for Linux
  4. KOffice is the Office suite that compares well with the MS Office.

Image editor / Viewer for Linux

  1. In, Draw image editor is available. In addition to this another very popular Linux image editor is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). GIMP is as powerful as Adobe Photoshop but it is free.
  2. KPaint is another free image editor for Linux. This is available in KDE enviroment. GNOME Icon Editor, Kicon Editor, KView, KcolorEdit are other image editors for Linux.
  3. To handle images from a digital camera in Linux, GPhoto or GIMP can be used. Elphoto is a free photo album software for Linux that can be used to create digital photo albums with these images in Linux.
  4. To scan images using scanner in Linux, Kooka is a free software. Kooka has the OCR feature. gtkam and Xsane are other scanner software for Linux.

Text Editors for linux

  • Notepad is a popular text editor in Windows. VI is another text editor available in Linux. Vim is another text editor in linux. Other than these, gedit, Emacs, Kate, KEdit and Kwrite are also freely available text editors for linux.

Audio and Audio Players for linux

  1. Audio and Video software are available plenty for linux freely.
  2. Kaboodle, Kmix, Noatun, Kmid, Kmidi, amarok are some of the popular audio players for linux. Kscd is a popular CD player software for linux. Xmms is another good CD player.
  3. Grip is a software used to create Audio CDs in Linux.
  4. Kaudiocreator software can be used to create audio files. You can record your voice and create audio files using KRec. Gnome Sound is another audio record software.
  5. To mix Audio you can use Aumix or KDE Sound Mixer. Kaffeine is another popular video player in Linux.

Free Software to Burn CDs in Linux

  1. There are plenty of free software for creating audio CDs, video CDs and Data CDs in linux. XcdRoast is a software that can be used to create data CDs. You can also copy CDs using this software.
  2. K3b is another free CD / DVD burning software to create data CDs.
  3. CD Creator, CD Record, KonCD, Gcombust, GnomeToaster are other free CD burning software in Linux

Other free applications for Linux

  1. To compress files you can use Art, Gunzip, FileRoller and Karchiver programs
  2. To read PDF files in linux you can use XPDF, KGhostView, GhostView, KPDF and Acrobat Reader
  3. To use FAX in linux you can use KFAX or KdePrint Fax software.
  4. Gnome Dictionary, Kdict are some of the dictionaries for linux.
  5. Mr. Project, Ktimer, Korganizer and Kontact are some of the task schedulers for linux.
  6. Mozialla, Galeon, Konqueror are some popular browsers in linux
  7. Evolution, Kmail, Mozilla Mail are some email clients in linux.
  8. GAIM, Xchat, Chatzilla and Kopete are some free Instant Messaging IM software in Linux.
  9. Kivio flow chart software, Kcalc scientific calculator, Kformula formula editor are some other free software applications available for linux.
  10. There are so many linux applications freely available. You can download all these free applications by searching their names in your favourite search engines.

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Bobby Revell said...

Nice post Sabro, I pretty much only use Linux and I have never even seen Vista!
Right now I am using PClinuxOS. It is great:)