Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is Desktop Security? Download free Desktop Security software

When you are not near your computer other people can enter and read your files in your computer. They may edit them or even delete them. They can read you emails. They can format your hard disk. They can do anything they want with your computer.

In an office environment, this type of computer sabotage is possible. There are many software and applications related to 'Desktop Security'. If you install a 'Desktop security' application in your computer, then you can prevent others from using your computer. If you require you can give permissions for a few.

Here are some of the desktop security software that you can use:
  1. Access Denied

    Users of Windows 95/98/ME can use this application. You can install it and be sure that your computer is safe from strangers. When you boot your computer, it will prompt for the username and password. So only you can login to the computer.

    With 'Access Denied' you can give a unique username, passwords to your friends to access your computer. Later you can see the log file and see the time logged in and logged out by these users. So you will know exactly who used your computer.

    Another feature in Access Denied software is to block the F4 and F8 keys while the computer is booting. You can do this by choosing 'Security->No Book Keys' option.

    Another feature in Access Denied is the 'Screen Guard'. This 'Screen Guard' feature is very handy. You can configure 'mouse click' or 'hot key' to hide the desktop whenever you want. If anybody tries to access, it will prompt for the username and password.

    Access Denied will also deny booting from floppy or CD.

    You can download 'Access Denied' from
  2. Lock Out Desktop Security

    Lockout Desktop Security can be used to create policies and permissions for groups and users. You can block access to certain applications. You can block access to CD Drive. You can specify time period when people can access and when they cannot.

    You can download Lockout Desktop security software from
  3. Desktop Lock

    You can download Desktop lock from
    Like other Desktop security applications desktop lock allows you to prevent access to specific applications, documents etc.
  4. Mouse Trap

    To lock the desktop and to allow access only by logging in using username/password you can use the 'Mouse Trap' application. Mouse Trap also prevents the use of 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' and 'Alt+Tab' and any other system keys. You can download Mouse Trap from
  5. Boot Locker

    You can download Boot Locker from . You can use boot locker to create many users and groups. You can use this to disable and change password compulsary at frequent intervals.

    To find the latest available free desktop security software search google with the following search term

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