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What is Inkjet cartridge refilling?

Some tips to save money while using Inkjet Printers

In early days of computer history everyone used a dot matrix printer. Only Printing presses, publishers and DTP designers used a laser printer. In those days the price of a laser printer was very expensive and was not affordable for small businesses and home users. Inkjet Printers were introduced at affordable prices for small businesses and home users. But those who bought inkjet printers would agree that though the inkjet printers were cheap, the inkjet printer cartridges are not cheap. These cartridges have to be constantly refilled or replaced after printing a number of pages. Buying new inkjet printer cartridges every time is very expensive and unaffordable. But instead of buying new cartridge everytime you can refill the ink in the same cartridge and save a lot of money. but even refilling has to be done carefully as there are many who cheat.

In dot matrix printers, the cost of printing a page is very less. If the printing quality is not good then you can change the ink ribbon for 1 or 2 dollars and you can start printing again in dot matrix printers. But the quality of printing in dotmatrix printer cannot compare with the high quality of printing in inkjet and laser printers.

But changing cartridges in inkjet printers is very expensive. For example, a HP black inkjet cartridge costs around $20 to $30. The price of an EPSON inkjet printer cartridge is around $10 to $20. Lexmark cartridges are even more expensive than the HP cartridges. Because of these high costs people prefer the refill options. A cartridge can be refilled atleast 6 to 8 times. Many use this cheaper refilling option and save money.

The size of a cartridge is usually 10ml to 20ml based on the inkjet printer model. You can buy a 1 litre black ink bottle for less than $30. Assume that the cartridge size is approximately 20ml, then you can refill this cartridge atleast 40 times. So in effect you are only spending less than a dollar for a cartridge.

Even color inkjet cartridges can be refilled at around the same price. The color cartridges can hold less amount of ink but there are three colour cartridges. Approximately they can hold 5ml to 7 ml of ink. Each color cartridge costs around $25 for a one liter bottle. The machine used to refill this ink costs around $120.

If you need more details on refilling cartridges and want to know the companies who do this business just search in google for the term 'Inkjet cartridge refilling'.

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