Friday, April 27, 2007

The PlayStation 3 Comes to India!

Sony India yesterday announced the launch of the PS3 in the country.

This Gen-Next gaming console will allow consumers play games, watch movies/videos, listen to music, and share photos in high definition quality. Said to be 40 times faster than its predecessor, the PS2, PS3 will also allow consumers browse the Internet at faster speeds.

Speaking at the launch, Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director of Sony India, said that the innovative PS3 system features power technologies and capabilities that have never been brought together in one system, including the Cell Broadband Engine, BD Drive, and online connectivity as standard features. Tamagawa said the result is a breathtaking new interactive world to explore eye-popping multimedia functionality, and a fully integrated online experience.

Other features of the PS3 include: the new SIXAXIS wireless controller that allows gamers to physically turn, twist, and bank their controllers to command on-screen action; the Blue-ray Disc that provides a high definition gaming and movie experience; and 50 GB of data capacity for video game developers to store content.

Tim Stokes, Sales and Marketing Director of Sony India, said the PS3 capacity is five times higher than that of a DVD.

While the PS3 has been successfully launched in Europe, North America, in India, it will be launched as a 60GB version in India, along with region-free gaming.

The company said four things have been kept in mind for the India launch: price, gaming content, investment, and timing.

Stokes said seeing the boom in the Indian economy, they have launched it at the same time as in other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, Jayant Sharma, Chairman and CEO of Milestone Interactive Software, said the gaming industry in India is expected to reach $425 million by 2010.

The PS3 is immediately available for a price of Rs 39,990.

Source : Techtree

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