Friday, April 27, 2007

Tech-Com SSD-803 Speakers

First Impression

When I first saw it online, the speaker system seemed as if it were a rushed product, but when it arrived here at Techtree I was in for a surprise. The speakers didn't look bad at all and moreover, they were quite appealing for the price. For Tech-Com, it seemed like one of their better products.

The Package

1 Subwoofer
2 Satellite Speakers
1 Audio Cable
2 Speaker Cables
1 User Manual

Technical Specifications

The subwoofer is equipped with a 5.25" driver (though the box mentions 4") which produces an output of 18 watts RMS whereas the satellites were strapped with a 3" driver each, which produced an output of 5 watts of RMS each.

Build, Finish and Connections

It is a well built system for its price. The input and output connections are at the back of the subwoofer along with the Power switch. The front comprises of the Volume, Tone and Sub Volume controls (Sub Volume is for the Sub-Woofer). That's all there is to it, neat and clean. No extra knobs or switches that nobody uses (talking about majority). There didn't seem to be any flaw that could be pointed out just by using it a few times.

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