Thursday, April 05, 2007

Review : Acer AL1916W

Acer’s AL1916W is a 19-inch widescreen monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 900. Aesthetics have been kept in mind—the AL1916W is quite slim with an attractive bezel. The only sore point is the extra space used by the control buttons on a small panel of their own, which juts out at the bottom of the screen. Acer also excludes DVI connectivity here—all you get is a single D-Sub connect, an absolute crime considering 90 per cent of today’s graphics cards support dual DVI connects!

The AL1916W didn’t do very well in our gamut of display tests—we noticed ghosting effects while gaming and some colour overlapping. It performed decently with regular applications, however. To be honest though, most users won’t be aware of the ghosting—it’s quite subtle—but it’s there!

All said and done, at 329 $ and Rs 14,999 in INR, the AL1916W is a decent monitor, but there are others out there who deserve a more approving nod. And then there is the sorely missed DVI input.

6-bit TN (twisted nematic) panel; 19-inch widescreen; 16:10 aspect ratio; maximum resolution 1440 x 900; contrast ratio 700:1; brightness 270 cd/m2; 5 ms response time; D-Sub connectivity

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