Thursday, April 05, 2007

Review : AOC LM925

The LM925 is a non-widescreen TFT with analog (D-Sub) and digital (DVI) connectivity. Our biggest gripe was the rather plain-jane, bulky stand, and the dull black finish. Pardon us for these frivolities, but we do like sleek curves (on our LCDs, too).

This panel clearly isn’t for gamers—we had problems in most games, particularly during indoor scenes and dark areas—this smacks of poor contrast ratio. Movie-watching wasn’t the experience it was supposed to be either—there is noticeable ghosting.

The LM925 is targeted as an office monitor, and it delivers to that end. At 285$ and
Rs 14,500 in INR, it’s a good buy for the corporate; the home-entertainment segment needs to look elsewhere.

Maximum resolution: 1280 x 1024; contrast ratio: 500:1; response time: 8ms; brightness: 270 cd/m2; power consumption: 55 W; pixel pitch: .294 x .294 mm; VESA mount

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