Friday, May 11, 2007

Remove Duplicate Audio Tracks

If you have so many songs, which have duplicate and even triplicate entries stored in different folders. To make matters worse, the same song is saved under different names, and if you want the duplicates and the triplicates to be remove from your hard disk. At the same time you don't want any loss of your collection. I think this article will help you.

For the above problem, use the software "No Clone". You can customize your search by selecting the folder, partition or drive you wish to. It masks Windows OS files while searching. After the search is complete, it identifies zero-size files, same-name files, similar content files, and file portions. The identification of similar content files takes care of songs saved under different names. Duplicate file groups and colorized and can be either deleted or sent to a different folder. This software can be used for sorting any type of file. It's a shareware and can be downloaded from

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Anonymous said...

I find duplicate finder is better than this...

try it yourself

Simple interface with lots of features!