Saturday, May 12, 2007

Speed Up With A USB Stick

If you’ve got yourself a large USB Flash drive (at least 1 GB, preferably 2), you can move your system’s page file onto it for significantly better performance, because accessing flash memory is typically faster than your average hard disk.
You should also optimise the Flash drive for performance—right-click on it in My Computer, select Properties. Go to the Hardware tab, select your Flash drive and click Properties. Under the Policies tab, select “Optimise for performance”.

A couple of caveats: Firstly, if you remove this drive while Windows is running, you could cause it to crash, so be careful there. Secondly, Flash drives are good only for limited read/write cycles, so this approach is definitely going to eat into its lifetime. Use this tip only for when you really need the performance boost rather than as a permanent solution.

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