Friday, June 01, 2007

All neat and tidy Personal Information Manager

WinOrganizer 4.0

Here's a personal information manager that not only manages contacts, appointments, tasks, and notes, but can also store your passwords.

The two-pane interface is easy to grasp, and the tree like folder structure makes accessing the main modules (Contacts, Events, Notes, Passwords and Tasks) very easy. You can achieve most tasks via a right-click. You can also add and rearrange folders and organize them as you deem fit. Documents and folders can be secured by password-protecting them, and there is also the provision to assign user-level security.

Weakness : To import Outlook contacts, you first need to export them to CSV format. To sync with a Pocket PC, you need to shell out an extra 20$ for Plugin. WinOrganizer 4.0 costs 55$. A little bit expensive for a Personal Information Manager (PIM ).

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digistrom said...

Excellent recco. I've been using Winorganizer for years and it's a top notch app, very functional & great looking too.