Friday, June 01, 2007

Switching made easy with ATEN CS-62B KVM

If you're an enthusiast with multiple PCs, a device called the KVM switch ( Keyboard, Video and Mouse ) helps avoid the duplication of Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse. That's what the Aten CS-62B brings you. The idea is to plug the existing devices into the respective ports on the CS-62B and attach the two PCs to the box via the ten 6-foot-long tentacles. The CS-62B has two pairs of connectors, consisting of one D-sub connector, two PS/2 connectors, and audio jacks. These connect to the respective PCs. The audio jack connects and mic-in ports on each PC. With the CS62B KVM Switch, you can easily access two computers in a cost effective manner.

Specifications :

Two - PC connectivity, Two PS/2 connectors, Two D-SUB connectors, four mini stereo audio jacks, Two LED indicators, Hotkey Switching.

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